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"Jim,  I've been meaning to email you on this.  Almost anytime the last week of the month would be perfect for us both to go to the range again.  Please let us know what is best for you and we can narrow down a time from there. 
We have spent a lot of time recently talking about what a great guy you are, Jim.  We have also had a few laughs about the events over the last few weeks, now that we have taken control of a bad situation, thanks to you!  What an adventure!!! Its great to know you don't have to be Rambo to win the fight! Hope you can work us in for some more 'trigger time' as you say... Thanks for keeping our interest in personal protection confidential...I understand now why you don't have your picture on a billboard"

"Jim - what a revelation - I am just kicking myself in the butt! Wish I had called you again a LONG time ago! UNBELIEVABLE! I don't even want to think about how much time and money I wasted working with (deleted) this year. I guess you are known for being accurate for a good reason, duh? I am actually embarrassed for myself at this point. Nobody would believe it. Thanks for straightening me out today! I will check in with you again soon. Thanks again, Charlie"

Elliott and I enjoyed the day with you and learning about gun safety and how to protect ourselves.  I think you gave a very thought out course, and very instructive course.  We will be putting the info to use when we purchase our guns. I know so much more now than before. I would like to learn more from you in the future! 
Thanks so much for the instruction and the great company. Sincerely, Sally

"Thanks Jim. I appreciate all of your patience along the way. So glad we finally got through the range portion of the training. You have made this whole process enjoyable and safe. I was so comfortable working with you and being able to make a mistake and not worry. Thanks for that. I look forward to exploring all of the links you sent. And…be assured I will pass your name/reference along to anyone interested in training, etc. I will also be calling you for the next steps in training and just coaching me at the range. Best Wishes, Christie"

Thank you for everything! The class was fantastic and I know my mom and I are much more comfortable and knowledgeable with handguns. We couldn't wait to tell my dad about our experience and he was very pleased by what we told him. Thank you  again for your patience, kindness, and professionalism. I
 was scared to shoot the handgun and nervous at the beginning, but, by the end I was very comfortable and anxious to keep going. You truly have a gift and have mastered this class! Thanks again! Suzanne

"Jim, just a quick email to say David & I not only enjoyed the class but learned SO much. We stopped by Gander Mountain on the way home, looking at tactical flashlights, ear protection, lasers...and David has already been talking about taking another one of your classes, so I'm sure our paths will cross again!"

"Thanks again for your kindness and expertise. We had fun and feel we got more than our money's worth. (And I've already told someone tonight at church about your class!) Sincerely, Janet"

Thank you so much for the education today. Your teaching methods made learning a highly enjoyable experience! I expanded my knowledge base vastly today, and I can say without a doubt that what I learned has enhanced the safety of myself and my family. I will definitely take more advanced courses from you and will refer people to you as well. Best Regards, Zach

I had a great time! We will follow up. Maybe we could do a session including drawing from a holster. I will recommend you to everyone I know! Your passion and skills are remarkable.
Thanks Again

"Hi Jim!
I just wanted to let you know that your emails came through just fine, so you have it right. And...thank you for such an amazing day yesterday! I would have never expected to have so much fun and for the training to go so well! You are an excellent teacher and I would love to work with you again. Such a great day!!
Thanks again, Clarissa"

"Thank you for a wonderful day and one of the best educational programs I have ever been thru. As I mentioned, I was an instructor in EMS for many years, and also a PI (Primary Instructor) for a number of fire and EMT classes. Your teaching style is wonderful, and I learned more in a day about the safe and proper way to handle guns than what I have heard or seen in the many years since when my grandfather first allowed me to shoot a .22 pistol. I can say without reservation that outside my EMT class way back in 1987, this was the best instructional class I have ever had. You are a wonderful instructor."

"Jim, you are a wonderful teacher…I loved every minute of our day together!" 

"Jim, thanks again for your excellent instruction and kindness through 2 hours of windy and cold weather.  I also thank you for the gun sites.  I hope to see you in the future especially if I can get Tracy interested in protecting herself.  Not only did I get a lot for my money, but I feel you are someone I could call if I needed help."
"I was surprised to learn that I liked the feeling of that gun going off; I would never have predicted that, or that using a firearm would be so demanding physically, emotionally and intellectually.  It’s amazing what you learn about yourself, isn’t it?"
"Jim, thanks for your patience, for sharing your incredible body of knowledge, and giving us food for thought and action in a number of areas of our life.  I know we will continue to be in touch."

"Jim, thanks for your patience and support. You did a great job of teaching. I would like to continue our relationship and maybe have an opportunity to meet at the Westside Sportsman’s Club to get a refresher and to ensure that we are doing everything correctly. I am uniquely interested in the next step and the competition areas. Seems like it might be fun. If you have suggestions let me know. Again, thanks for your time and accommodating us in the evenings."

"What a great day we had with you and we both appreciate your excellent training and instruction. You are very good and a top notch instructor. Janet turned 180 degrees ending up loving target shooting and wanting to go out again. Jim, again thanks"

"I had a great time and I learned a lot. Now I've got to practice. I was surprised I shot as well as I did. What surprised me most was that I shot as good left-handed as right-handed! Being able to shoot your guns was really fun. The variety was terrific. Of course, the one I liked the best was the most expensive one. As in everything else, I have expensive tastes. Where did you get that door stop with the alarm? Thank you for a great day and thank you for asking me to go shooting again. I would love to and will when it gets warmer"

"Jim, I know we picked the right instructor for what we needed and were looking for. Your patience with us at the end of the day was much appreciated. We really learned a lot, and feel our money was VERY well spent. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us and we will see you again sometime soon at the range!"

"I enjoyed myself very much yesterday. I have been practicing my grip trying to get it in my brain, and forget my old habit. I came away with some very helpful information, and can tell you that I remember more than two things! It was very helpful to have someone watch me as I fired the gun, and correct my mistakes. I definitely feel more confident in my ability to defend myself should the need ever arise. Thank you very much! Christopher"

"Thanks for the great day in the classroom and at the range. I know that I found much help in the way I shoot, and am encouraged to practice more now that I know I am doing things correctly. There is much difference in trying to "get a stance and grip" from a book than having someone demonstrate in person. I now shoot with much more confidence, and feel that I will be safer to others around me. Thanks again for a great day, and all your help."

"We would like our son Darren to take the same course that we took from you. Would you be able to teach a class when he is home from IU for Christmas break? The skills and knowledge we gained would be excellent for him, too!! "

"Brandon was so pumped when he got home after spending the day with you. He told me "Mom, I can't wait to go to the range with you so that you can see how much I learned from Jim."

"I just wanted to thank you once again for our day yesterday. We were both sooo pleased with you, your info and your wisdom. We were also pleased with how well we did!!! Don has already read the handbook and stated it was well written. (I woke up this morning and dreamt I was shooting guns!)"

"Thanks again for the class. We had an awesome time and learned a lot. I will definitely recommend you if I know of anyone looking for your services. How much are your Refuse to be a Victim seminars? I forgot to ask you when we had our class. 
Thanks Again-"

"First of all, I apologize for taking so long to reply to you email. I enjoyed the course, learned much, and feel more comfortable with my firearm. On an amusing note, it took my husband a couple of days to realize that I had fired 6 rounds at the target that you sent home with me, his reply when the realization hit-"damn". I look forward to practicing more at home and am going to be calling you in the future when I need more instruction. I have already placed a bug in my daughters ear regarding her attendance at your course, in time plan on her and possibly also her spouse attending. We are not pushing this at the present time. And as far as anyone else, you will be recommended immediately."

"Just a note to say I appreciated the shooting lesson you gave me last week. It is also nice to make a new friend!"

"Thanks again for your expertise; Christa and I had a great time! As a

follow-up, I am going to take your advice and trade my Beretta 9000s
for a Glock 27 and install the Crimson Trace grip. I now feel
competent enough with a semi-auto to be comfortable with the Glock. I
stopped at Strictly Shooting this morning; if they get a 27 in stock
soon, they will probably get my business. Also, Christa thought you'd
be proud because her firm grip caused her arms to be sore today!
We're both looking forward to practicing, and perhaps
looking into the IDPA events in the future. Have a great new year!"

"Jim, I completely enjoyed the day and I am pumped about the range experience. I do want to join the NRA. I will review the link for I have found that I am now on a quest for my gun. I like the sheep dog analogy and believe that you and your enterprises make society a better place. Thanks again! I will be in touch." 

"There is one thing I wanted to tell you about Strictly Shooting but I forgot. When I purchased my M&P I asked them about getting some kind of firearm training. They handed me your card and told me I should definitely call you for lessons. They are doing their job and you certainly are doing yours! I can't believe 24 head shots for 24 shots fired! I am amazed and very well pleased with my experience and degree of instruction. You are in the right business."

"Thank you for your kindness and patient in teaching me. I know I have a ways to go to be proficient in gun handling and accuracy, but I am no longer worried that I will be more of a danger to myself and others with the two handguns I own. I plan on recommending you to everyone I know who is interested in firearms training."

"Jim, I remember from our training session that I had some aluminum case Blazer .40 cal. ammo. You called S&W and they advised not to use it in an M&P pistol. Here is evidence of aluminum cases splitting and damaging an M&P barrel. Thanks again for all your help getting started the right way. You really made a difference." 

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