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Shooting is a great sport, and has the extra advantage of teaching you to protect yourself and your family if its ever necessary! Three months after taking most courses, you might remember up to 5 interesting things, right?  MY COURSE IS DIFFERENT! During my course, you will learn to shoot safely and correctly, and you won't forget because your life and the lives of others depend on it! Having taken my comprehensive course, you will have learned that there is more to firearm safety than you ever thought existed - you will be a better shooter than the average gun owner - and you will have acquired the wisdom to know that a gun is a tool of LAST resort, only to be used when there is no other option to protect yourself or another from serious bodily harm or death. Memories of the photos, articles, and videos I feature in my class, will stick with you forever - and you will share them many times with others...My courses are designed to make a positive difference in the lives of my students, and they will - guaranteed - for many years to come!

... NRA Certified Firearms Instruction
... Personal Protection Training

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